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Our Model Of Care

Relationship. Respect. Responsibility. Repair. Reintegration

Every child deserves safety, care and encouragement to feel valued and confident. For the young people we look after this can mean a long, intense journey to overcome the rejection and range of trauma they may have experienced. We work with children who have undergone any of the abuse range and present with one or more behavioural, mental health or learning issue. Led by a highly experienced, involved management team, care is delivered by a revolving, consistent group of talented support workers, recruited for their effective intuitive skills and ability in working with children who need extra-special nurturing. A high ratio of support in all our homes is maintained; building everyday life skills and confidence. Working with expert agencies, and family members, as appropriate, the young person is involved at every stage, according to their age, in their care journey and choices.

We follow an authoritative, high-support parenting model. Found to be most effective with children and young people who have experienced trauma, loss or rejection, we know this is a well-evidenced model for restoring trust, self-worth and wellbeing. In homes of remarkable quality and comfort, the children and young people we care for and support are helped to do all the things they should be able to do and enjoy, with around-the-clock care and support. According to their individual abilities, children and young people go learn, go to work, on outings and holidays, and are encouraged to develop and pursue special interests, such as sport and music. Where there is crisis there is immediate restorative intervention, reflection and open, positive communication. Restoring children and young people to their place in life, with coping mechanisms to achieve their full potential, is our ultimate aim and what every aspect of our care model works towards achieving.