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Staff Case Studies

Staff Case Studies

Liam Scott – Assistant Manager of Zone 1 Supported Living Service

“There’s a clear progression route here for those who are serious about a career in children’s social care.”

“I originally came to Restorative (then Inspire) in January 2018, after having worked for another care organisation for four years as a support worker. But I really wanted to improve my prospects and be on a better career path elsewhere within children’s social care. So, I applied to Inspire where I was taken on as a senior support worker.”

Liam progressed quickly to become a house leader within a year of joining Restorative and then went on to be an assistant manager within the supported living service, and is now a Registered Manager, leading the new Ofsted regulated post-15 supported living service for the company.

“The 15-plus provision is an exciting opportunity and something new for the company to offer in its services to young people. I feel proud. I’ve learnt so much here and feel part of the company. There is always someone to support you and be at the end of a phone if you need it. The directors work closely with you and give you the supervision you need to help you be confident in your job. I feel trusted to do my work and get on with it. And if I need to talk about something, I can. We have real conversations here, something that didn’t happen at my previous employment.”

“I very much enjoy the work I do. No two days are ever the same and you can make a real difference to young people’s lives. You see the young people gain life and independence skills and build positive relationships with them. You see their journey from day one, which is great. It’s hard work, but that’s the nature of the job. The kids are the same wherever you work, and what they need, the difference is in the company you work for. There’s a clear progression route here for those who are serious about a career in children’s social care.”

Marie Paget, Registered Residential Manager

“I feel proud to work where things are good for children.”

Marie came to work at Restorative (then Inspire) after running her own health and exercise business for 12 years. She has a degree International Business and a growing interest in clinical psychology for treating people with eating disorders. She then returned to study for her master’s degree in psychology, looking to pursue a career change.

“I had been thinking about doing a PhD but I was in a situation where I needed a job to suit my lifestyle, having two young children, so I ended up working in a children’s home for another company, doing waking night cover. But I wasn’t happy there. I felt the children were not getting what they needed, and I wasn’t. So, I looked elsewhere and applied to Inspire, who took me on as a senior support worker. I worked in their first children’s home and became involved in the final stages of setting up their second home. Five months later I was the assistant manager of that home and knew I didn’t want to work anywhere else.”

“I felt very supported. There are very positive relationships here, including with senior management. If you’re committed, they will match your commitment. The directors are passionate and involved; they know all the children’s names and what they are doing. And they are proactive about supporting you to do the best possible job, with the help you need, the training, and not just formal qualifications but specialist training. They are very responsive with training.”

In May 2019, Marie became the registered manager of Restorative’s three-bed children’s home, and is now working her way towards a level 5 qualification in leadership and management.

“I started as a senior support worker, now I’m a registered residential manager on my way to being dual-registered as a manager of two children’s homes. I’ve learnt so much. Caring for children and young people certainly throws a lot of challenges at you. But I’ve learnt how to handle those challenges. With support from my manager I’ve learnt how to take a step back, and take the time I need to make decisions and how to manage my own feelings, as well as those of the children I care for, in times of crisis. Everyone is very approachable here and you know you can ask for help.”

“Career development alone here is excellent, but more importantly, feeling appreciated and valued, and part of the business of delivering the best care and support to the children and young people we work with. I feel very proud to work where things are good for young people.”

Paul Jackson, Registered Manager

“When I retired from rugby, I wasn’t sure what to do… So I did a few shifts as a support worker and really enjoyed it.”

Paul played professional rugby league for fifteen years, during which time he’d had a number of operations related to injuries and needed to retire from the sport. He was unsure what direction to take once he’d retired so he worked with the charity Rugby League Cares and also spoke to an ex-teammate, Byron Smith, now a director at Restorative.

“There’s a shelf life with rugby. When I retired, I realised many of my friends were progressing in their jobs. And I wasn’t. I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew Byron through the sport, and that he worked in children’s care, so I spoke to him and also the Rugby League Cares charity who offer support with transitioning to a new career.”

“So I did a few shifts as a support worker and really enjoyed it. The job satisfaction is there. You’ll go through tough periods, but it’s fulfilling and couple of years down the line, the kids you help to look after are finding their way in the world.”

Paul, along with his manager, Dave Copping, who is also a Restorative director, are in the process of setting up meetings to talk to rugby clubs about the potential for ex-rugby players to use their transferrable skills to pursue careers in children’s social care.

“With rugby, we used to work in schools and the community anyway, so we are used to working with kids and troubled kids who need help.”

Paul progressed with Restorative from being a support worker to a residential care worker and senior care worker before becoming a registered manager. He’s also completed a level 5 qualification in management.

“I’m now looking at becoming a dual-registered manager in the future. If you’re willing and want to progress, there are opportunities here. And it’s a good staff team. We’ve done some very good work, including with CSE, which resulted in us receiving a commendation from OFSTED for going above and beyond in safeguarding. You know you’ve done something well when that happens.”