Celebrating kind deeds at Restorative

We’re so proud of Darren, one of our young people supported at Restorative, for the courage, empathy and compassion he has shown in helping people as he goes about his shopping in Halifax town centre.
When a man fell in the street, Darren stopped what he was doing to help, waiting with him until the ambulance arrived. Reassuring him and keeping him safe while help arrived was a kind and selfless act and one that not everyone is able to do so readily. Darren stayed to reassure him and also located a family member to the scene.
As if that wasn’t enough for one day, later, in McDonalds, Darren noticed a teenage boy with a broken arm, struggling to carry his food and drinks to the car where his mum was waiting for him. Darren saw the opportunity to help and assisted him in getting to the car safely, with his McDonalds intact.
Darren, who attends the local college, was given a love to shop and meal deal voucher from his tutor to acknowledge and thank him for his noble actions of the day.

Well done Darren!