Another Positive Ofsted for Amar House with Outstanding Leadership & Management

In November 2022 Ofsted Inspectors visited Amar House and the three young people who live there.  Ofsted inspects and rate the quality of the care we provide. 
We are pleased to report an overall rating of good with a rating of outstanding in leadership and management.  This is a great achievement for Amar’s Registered Manager, Sarah Faller, who only took on the role in March.
Arriving at Amar the inspector told Sarah that she was “in awe of the beautiful location in which the home is situated, and the panoramic views of the Calderdale Valley” all visible from Amar’s large garden, also being impressed by the team’s utilisation of the outdoor space boasting a variety of outdoor toys and facilities.
The focus was made by the inspector as to the way Amar has a unique approach to restorative practice and a culture of practising kindness, which was evident throughout the home via activities, routines, mood boards and essential documentation the support team produce. 
Ofsted gained further feedback from our young people’s families and external professionals who work alongside Restorative Social Care.  This feedback highlighted how the planning of care within the home is centred around the views and feelings of each young person at the home making it a child-friendly process, and ensuring that the young people recognise they are being heard.
Staff feedback to Ofsted stated how “Restorative Social Care as an organisation put the needs of the staff first, enabling us to provide the highest quality of care for the young people at Amar”.  Staff also felt that their wellbeing matters helped with Sarah’s nurturing approach.  All of this empowers the team and encourages positive outcomes for young people.

Talking about Sarah’s leadership and management the inspector commented how she was “impressed with the way a positive morale is kept in the home, between both staff and young people”.  This is maintained through Sarah’s unique and whacky array of team activities for everyone. 
A very well done to all the team at Amar House for a great result!