Bridge House Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Bridge House residents and staff came together to organise a Shoebox appeal this festive season. Their focus was on collecting gifts for children and young people who would otherwise not receive any Christmas presents this year. The goal was to gather as many donations as possible to give to Bramwell’s Community Interest Company, founded by Tanisha Bramwell.

This company is dedicated to collecting food donations and distributing them to vulnerable individuals in various areas including North Kirklees, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, and Wakefield.

The young people at Bridge House took part in wrapping the gifts and also took the opportunity to learn more about the challenging circumstances that some children and young people face during Christmas. They successfully filled 17 shoeboxes for the charity, which were greatly appreciated. Tanisha expressed her gratitude by posting a message on social media to thank everyone involved.


Faiza Naveed, Assistant Manager at Bridge House, praised the charity and expressed their commitment to starting the donation drive earlier next year to gather even more support. Faiza said “The experience of educating the children about the circumstances of other children was particularly heartwarming for them”.

You can find out more about Tanisha’s Charity work here