Bridge House rated Good by Ofsted

Bridge House has consistently been rated Good by Ofsted, and their latest inspection is no exception, which rated the home Good in all areas.

“Children make good progress”

The overall experiences and progress of children was judged to be good and that children make good progress in all areas of their development. Staff were noted for their ability to “build positive relationships” with the children, deliver “personalised care” and “fully embrace each child’s individuality” in meeting their individual needs.

A stable, secure environment

The structure and regular routine around daily life within the home was observed at Bridge House and deemed to be of positive benefit to the children living there.

“This gives children a stable environment which makes them feel secure.”

In addition, that the home is also an emotionally warm environment that helps children when they struggle with their emotional wellbeing.

“Children trust staff and so talk to them about their concerns [… ]Staff…respond effectively to children’s needs [and] create a nurturing environment in the home. They ensure that children have opportunities to play […] playing on the trampoline, playing football and going for walks.”

Educational needs prioritised 

Restorative’s model of care has always included the support of children and young people to engage in learning and education, inline with their individual goals. The inspection recognised this and the commitment of staff who “prioritise the educational needs of the children” and that “all children attend school and their attendance is good”.

Beyond attendance, staff were also noted for their “open lines of communication with the children’s individual schools”, which highlights the multiagency approach Restorative have when it comes to ensuring a child’s progress. Ofsted themselves commented how this approach “helps children to achieve better educational outcomes”.

“Children build and retain their own identities”

As well as children being supported to celebrate differences and develop their self-identity, which includes celebrating individual cultural festivals, such as Christmas, Ramadan and Easter, staff were commented on for supporting “children to have quality time with their families and other important people in their lives” furthering their sense of belonging.

Children are safeguarded effectively

The inspection recorded how staff understand children’s risks and needs to effectively keep children safe and reduce risk of harm. And, that children themselves “complete a range of work to help them understand how to keep safe”, which includes work on healthy relationships and understanding risks.

Effective management

Management visibility, including for the children and being “approachable”, was recognised by inspectors and how the manager knows “the strengths and areas for development of the home […] working towards the home’s development plan […] to review the quality of care provided by the home.”

This is a positive inspection result, yet again for Bridge House. Congratulations to the team and recognition by Ofsted of your hard work.