Focusing on issues that matter for November

From considering how stress affects us and how best to manage it, to eating more veg and antibullying, Restorative’s Friendly and Birk Houses have positively packed agendas with events and activities for improving wellbeing this November.

Coinciding with Stress Awareness Week, support workers and young people will be focusing on how stress affects us, and consider different techniques for managing and dealing with stress in our everyday lives.

Taking the ‘veg pledge’ will involve, not just the preparing and eating of one delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal per week, but in-depth discussion of the cost and health benefits of different food types and meat substitutes.

Anti-bullying Week from 15th to 19th November will see young people working with support workers on the issues of bullying and considering how bullying affects others. To further raise awareness, all staff and young people will be wearing odd socks, for Odd Socks Day on the 15th November, to show their support for anti-bullying.