How far can you go in a career in social care? At Restorative – all the way!

At Restorative SCS, if you’re committed to improving the lives of children and young people, as we are, it’s more a question of how far do you want to go?

Restorative career journey roadmaps

We’ve set out career journey roadmaps, so you can see, at Restorative, just how far you can progress and what your salary is likely to be at every stage.

The journey is slightly different depending on whether you work in our residential care or supported accommodation service, but the speed and salary progressions are the same.

Progress with the best

We know, it’s a dedicated, talented and highly trained team that makes the difference when working to improve outcomes for children. It’s what sets us and our team apart in the industry and gives us one of the best progression routes for staff seeking career opportunities.

Got ambition?

Great, we welcome ambition and will support you to achieve your goals.
If you see yourself as a senior manager, or even service manager, within a number of years, you can get there. And receive all the training and support from us to achieve your ambition.

A career for life

A career in children and young people’s social care has always been rewarding, for the real differences you can make to people’s lives.

But it’s a career choice too, and we recognise this at Restorative, providing genuine pathways for continuous development, recognising and rewarding completed training, qualifications and gains in experience.

There’s a role for you in social care, in our residential or supported accommodation services, or a combination of both. One that celebrates you, your achievements and offers you the rewarding career for life you’re looking for.

Want to know more about a career at Restorative? Ask us a question or check out our current vacancies.