In Memory of My Mum

Last October, we shared the inspiring story of Oliver, a resident of Grove House, who conquered the Pen-Y-ghent Peak in honour of his late mother and to raise awareness for the charity Young Minds during Mental Health week.

As we approach the first anniversary of his mother’s passing this February, Oliver will be spending time with his family. However, before that, he also wanted to commemorate his mother’s life with the staff at Grove House.

Oliver made the decision to embark on his second peak hike in just four months, this time tackling Ingleton, as a heartfelt tribute to his mum. The trail spans 4.3 miles and typically takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete. Despite the challenge, Oliver was well-prepared, having already conquered the toughest of the three peaks, Pen-Y-ghent.

The weather during the hike was bitterly cold, and Oliver felt as though he might be blown off the top! Nevertheless, he managed to take a quick glimpse of the breathtaking view before descending back down.

Here at Restorative, we couldn’t be prouder of Oliver’s incredible achievement.

Currently, Oliver is busy planning his third hike, which will be the Whernside Peak. He has even mentioned the possibility of conquering Mount Snowden as well. Stay tuned for more updates on his remarkable journey!

If you missed Oliver’s first hike, you can read about it here.