More ways for you to leave feedback or make a complaint about our services

Open and honest feedback is vital to our continuous improvement in the service delivery of our care and support to young people. So we’ve provided even more ways to invite and encourage service users and anyone else who interacts with our services and staff to get in touch about an issue, make a complaint or leave feedback.

We actively encourage requests for informal discussions about any issue, as well as anonymous comment, complaint or feedback, via our contact form.

Contact form for anonymous feedback

As an organisation we promote a culture of open and honest communication between staff, service users and colleagues alike. The need for anonymity when reporting certain issues is also taken seriously and we understand that unfiltered feedback can often drive innovation and engagement.

Anyone who wishes to communicate an issue or comment to us and remain anonymous can do so via our contact form and be assured of complete non-disclosure of personal details. Our office will not see any contact details and none need to be disclosed to use the contact form

Encouraging informal discussion

We also welcome the opportunity to discuss any issue, large or small, in person or on the phone. Talking about what’s gone wrong, if you feel able to do that, can often resolve things more quickly than the procedure of a formal complaint and be in everyone’s best interests.

Responding positively to all comments

As an organisation, and as people, we respond positively to any comment and see even negative comments or complaints as a means of helping us to improve and stay connected.
We are also quick to respond and can often adapt service or implement changes rapidly to make the improvements that will benefit service users and colleagues.

Open, transparent and always evolving

Young people have always been at the heart of how we design and provide our services. By encouraging feedback and comment, including anonymous feedback and complaints, we look to constantly evolve in delivery, providing young people’s care and support services in the most relevant, meaningful ways that will result in long-term positive impacts.

Find out about the ways you can contact us to make a comment, complaint or leave feedback at Complaints Policy and Procedures.