Ofsted rating Good in all areas for Norland View

Well done to the Norland View team for achieving Good in all areas in a recent Ofsted inspection.

The overall experiences and progress of children and young people, how well children and young people are helped and protected, and the effectiveness of leaders and managers were all rated Good, with inspectors particularly noting the sense of belonging children experience at the home.

“The children living at the home have positive relationships with staff. Staff understand the children’s individual needs, Interactions between children and staff are warm, natural and nurturing. This creates a sense of belonging for children.”

Staff promote children’s education

Staff at the home were also commented upon for how “ambitious” they are for the children in their care. Doing all they can to communicate with school and colleges to promote the children’s education and ownership of their goals, as well as giving encouragement.

“Children are supported to attend open days for further education, This gives children control over their lives and shows them they are valued.”

Children at the heart of decision-making

Care and support of children and young people at Restorative is purposely designed to be as child-centred as possible, which was recognised by the inspectors in many of their comments on different aspects of care. Including how “any decisions are taken in the best interests of the children” and how this then leads to promotion of positive change and good outcomes. 

Children’s wishes and feelings, and their consideration, so central to the care we provide at Restorative, were said by inspectors to be“considered thoroughly” and in various ways.

“Children’s wishes and feelings are explored in regular house meetings. They also complete a twice-yearly questionnaire about their experience of living at the home and action is taken in response to their views and opinions.”

Enriching activities

The inspection also recognised how children are given opportunities to explore their free time, appropriate to age, and how staff offer enriching activities like going out for meals, ice-skating and swimming, to “widen the child’s life experiences”.

And that children are empowered to know and understand how and who to contact if they need help, have a complaint, or simply want to make a change to their bedroom.

One child said Norland View was “a good place to live” and another that they “like living at the home and feel safe”.

Staff and managers are supported

It was extremely positive to have the support managers and staff receive in their daily work and in their development noted. That “staff feel supported” and that the manager of Norland View is “keen to upskill staff to enhance their practice, promote change and move the service forward” putting additional training and development opportunities in place.

Well done Norland View team! And thank you to the children and young people for their help in talking to inspectors about the care they receive at the home.

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