Ogden Moor receives Ofsted Good in all areas

Described as a home where “staff spend quality time with the children” and where children have “a sense of belonging”, Ogden Moor has recently received Ofsted rating Good in all areas.

A home where children settle quickly

Young people’s social workers who spoke to inspectors spoke positively about how children settle in the home quickly, “because of encouraging support offered by staff” and how children are aware of the emotional wellbeing support that is available to them from the team.

Inspectors commented on how one child said they wanted to remain living at the home “until they become an adult” and how all children are encouraged to partake in and enjoy hobbies and pastimes, such as cadets, listening to music and visiting local attractions.

Children helped in their independence journeys

Restorative’s approach to helping all children embark on their individual independence journeys was noted by inspectors, with staff commented on for helping children to “develop independence skills such as cooking, cleaning and money management”.

The inspector’s letter to the children praised their “homemade cheesecake and pizza” and commented on how the manager and staff team are all proud of their achievements.

“Children can talk with staff about any concerns”

The report detailed how well children and young people are helped and protected and described this as ‘good’ at Ogden Moor home.

“Children can talk with staff about any concerns they have” and children know how to “make a complaint” and access the “grumble box if they wish to share any worries”.

Importantly, the report noted how that children at Ogden Moor are supported to feel safe and know they have a trusted adult, as well as the knowledge of how they can access advocacy support.

Children helped to make healthy choices

Support for healthy choices, “positive care routines” and accessing their own health services was another favourable comment in the report on the work staff do with children to aid their wellbeing. Including, promoting time children spend with their families and fulfilling of their cultural and identity needs.

Support with education

Education is prioritised for all children cared for by Restorative and Ofsted noted how in one instance the manager is working with other professionals to “secure suitable education for one child” who has recently moved to the home. In the meantime staff are “creative in providing […] alternative learning opportunities”, including accessing home tuition.

Well done Ogden Moor

Well done to the team at Ogden Moor on a positive Ofsted inspection and report with some valuable measures for improving care further at this supportive, nurturing home for young people.