Preparing for Independent Living

Amar House recently assisted their oldest resident in transitioning to their own local Restorative Supported Accommodation.

After residing at Amar House for three and a half years, they now live independently with the support of Restorative’s outreach workers. The children’s residential team at Amar House helped them prepare for this move by teaching them essential skills for living alone, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, managing finances, and paying bills.

The Disney enthusiast sought the help of Amar House’s manager, Sarah Faller, to create a “magical” bedroom in their new space. With the assistance of Charlotte Reid, Assistant Manager at Amar House, and their team, they worked tirelessly to make the room perfect. Now settled in their new home, they are thrilled with their space. Amar House will miss them dearly and looks forward to visiting them soon.

Everyone at Restorative wishes them the best of luck in this new chapter of their life.