Restorative study of the Top 10 Messages from the Care Experienced Conference

In 2019, a national conference for care experienced people and care leavers of all ages was held to share experiences and views, focusing on Top 10 Messages, and how things can improve for those who are currently, or who have recently been, in care.

A follow-up knowledge exchange event also took place in 2021, which reflected on how the messages had in some local authority areas informed local policy, practice and culture.

To understand how far these messages inform our own practice, we conducted a small, informal survey with young people resident at Restorative to seek their views, and, to explore the extent to which they have relevance, and, where applicable, are demonstrated within our current practices.

Our report shows that most respondents agree with the importance of the Top 10 messages prepared by other care experienced people, and we have provided examples of how they are met, confirming where the good practice is demonstrated at Restorative, and also informing areas for improvement.