Restorative’s new in-house training facility

Our Head Office has recently undergone some major renovations due to the expansion of the building.

Soon, we will be able to show off our new modern office. But in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of our brand new training facility.

This development provides Restorative with the necessary tools and space to deliver our customised training courses, as well as those provided by external sources.

The new training room features a 75″ interactive touchscreen board with a crystal-clear display and exceptional sound quality. Trainers can effortlessly connect their laptops, tablets, or phones and deliver their courses using a wireless presentation remote in a secure digital environment. What’s even better is that it is energy-efficient with its human presence eco mode.

The room has interchangeable tables, allowing for different room layouts depending on the course being delivered and the number of staff attending.

It also includes its own kitchen, fully stocked with hot and cold beverages, a coffee machine, as well as a hot and cold water dispenser, microwave, and fridge.

This week, Liam Scott, our Supported Accommodation Service Lead, delivered the first training course in the room on Professional Boundaries and Good Practice. Staff members commented, “It’s a fantastic space for training” and “I prefer coming to the main office for training.” They also mentioned, “It’s so clean and fresh, a great environment for focused learning.”

The room already has a full calendar of training sessions scheduled for 2024, carefully organised by Dave Copping, one of our Directors, to ensure that all staff members receive the necessary training and development for their roles.

Additionally, the room will be used to host various meetings, including management & team meetings and meetings with third-party organisations.