Taking a moment to acknowledge and celebrate our strong corporate culture at Restorative SCS

Our strong corporate culture is worth celebrating, and makes us a great place to work

We’ve always believed in a strong corporate culture at Restorative. Our dedication to excellence and best practice in children and young people’s social care has taken us into every aspect of our business.

Our corporate culture in evidence

At every level, as an organisation, business and brand, we work to achieve our main aim – providing the highest quality social care that helps looked after children and young people achieve the life they want.

From the high standards of our settings, residential children’s homes and supported living, to training programmes and progression pathways for staff, to a responsive and committed head office team – we manage every part of our organisation to ensure it works toward our aim, while at the same time demonstrating our values and beliefs through the way we work and our behaviours.

Residential homes children thrive in

The high quality of our children’s homes and settings set us apart. It’s in our values to provide homes children and young people genuinely wanted to be in and feel safe, secure and valued. The care and attention we take with our properties mirrors the care and attention we take with every aspect of our care and support, helping to promote wellbeing, self-worth and a sense of pride.

Highly qualified staff with roadmaps for progression

Our staff are selected for their personal qualities, and ambition to make a difference to young people’s lives. We provide the training and qualifications that sets each staff member up in their career and ensures they’re superbly equipped and confident to do the best job they can. Not only does this ensure our looked after young people get the high-quality support they deserve, but it also demonstrates how we believe in supporting our own team too to get them to where they want to be in life.

For all staff, we also provide a clear career roadmap and salary progression, and a rewarding career for life.

Setting our own pay scales – above the Living Wage

We believe in a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. We know the work we do isn’t easy, so we actively look to deliver real benefits to staff, including being accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. All qualified members of staff receive an hourly rate that’s not only in line with the Living Wage hourly rate, but above it.

For those not yet qualified we look to enroll them as soon as possible to keep on track with their self-development and increased earnings.

Real head office support

We’ve developed a fully designated head office team with the experience, knowledge, qualifications and commitment to support our social care teams because that’s how we know we can provide excellence in our back-office systems.

Our HO support is vital for the high functioning of our social care professionals and the strict levels of compliance and administration we work to in the industry.

Director support and involvement

Support is as crucial for the children and young people we look after, as it is for each other in our support teams. So our three founding directors work day-to-day in the support and involvement of everyday work with staff and teams and are as present on the rotas as other members of staff.

Our three directors have always believed in working to develop and support the team, which means being as accessible and non-hierarchical as possible.

A sign of our success and quality as an employer

We’re proud of the culture we’ve created at Restorative. It contributes to our success in achieving the high-quality care and support we provide to young people, the development of our staff, and positively defines and guides as a workforce, making us a great place to work.

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