Young People at Restorative attend Recruitment and Selection Training

At Restorative Social Care Services, the thoughts, and feelings of the young people we care for are important to us and we want to ensure that the people we recruit to support them are suitable not only from a company perspective, but also from what our young people want and need from them. 

With this in mind, we decided to give all our young people a chance to take part in our two-stage recruitment and selection training.

Five young people chose to take up the offer and recently took part in our first bespoke training session with a second session to follow.  Taking part in this training will prepare them for an active role in the future recruitment and selection of any Restorative support staff.


The first training session included a range of activities to help the young people think about the importance of a fair process; confidentiality; the different stages of recruitment and selection and how they could be involved.

Our young people identified the attributes, knowledge, and skills they consider a support worker needs, highlighting that these are people who will potentially come into their home to care for or support them.

The second session will see the young people agree how they would explore the attributes they had identified, with candidates during the interview process. A plan will then be drawn up on how the Young People will be involved, such as writing interview questions, being present for part of the interview, shortlisting applicants etc.


Being involved in something like this empowers young people and makes them know that they are valued and heard. Additionally, the training is something they can add to their CV, and they will gain valuable experience when putting their training into practice. All of which is something they can be proud of and use when pursuing future careers themselves.

Following the training sessions, a ‘Young Person Recruitment Bank’ will be formed, so that at least two or three young people are always involved in the future recruitment and selection of staff.