Young people help out at Growing Together Levenshulme

Gardening is great for our mental health and wellbeing, not to mention the physical benefits of eating the fresh produce we grow. So it was great for our staff and young people at Birk House to recently be able to join the allotment project at Growing Together Levenshulme for a good day of digging and clearing ground ready for growing.

Therapeutic horticulture and wellbeing

Growing Together Levenshulme is a charity based in Manchester, set up and run by local volunteers for asylum seekers and refuges. The charity delivers therapeutic horticulture sessions as well as arts and crafts sessions, all of which seek to improve wellbeing and sense of community belonging.

From garden to fork!

The allotment project, also run by the charity, involves everyone getting together once or twice a week to work on the allotment and tend to the fruit and vegetables growing. The project also gives participants a chance to cook the produce they grow and eat a meal together.

More future gardening

Young people and staff from Birk House really enjoyed joining the project for the day, helping and being out in nature and are now hoping to make this a regular activity.

Well done to everyone at Birk House for getting involved in this positive initiative.

Read more about Growing Together Levenshulme and the work they are doing to deliver the wellbeing benefits of gardening, horticulture and community to refugees and people seeking asylum.