Restorative team & young people together raise over £1000 on the Overgate Midnight Walk

Looked after young people as young as ten years old at Restorative Social Care Services, together with Restorative staff completed the 13th Overgate Midnight Walk on Saturday 18th September to raise money for Overgate Hospice.

The 25-strong team, sporting illuminous neck and headgear, included supported young people, directors, managers and support workers who all met at Northbridge Leisure Centre to embark on their intrepid seven or 13-mile walk in the dark through the streets of Halifax, with around 800 other people.

“The majority of us took the seven-mile route, but one of our young people and their support worker chose the 13-miler! Everyone did so well, and everyone came in under four hours. Our young people did amazing – it was quite a challenge. We all supported each other, stopping to wait for others to catch up. It was a great evening and atmosphere.” Byron Smith, Director, Restorative Social Care Services

Every member of the Restorative team successfully completed the walk, received their medal and enjoyed a well-deserved bacon butty at the end. Each young person who undertook the walk understood the awareness-raising purpose of the walk, and the part they played for the charity, as well as the personal benefits for them. They said: “I learnt that I am able to complete anything I set my mind to…I would do the event again because it is for a good cause and helps people who need it…I feel proud that I helped raise money for a good cause.”

A member of staff commented: “It was a positive event for Restorative to take part in with the staff and young people. This encouraged young people to give back and see how their actions are benefitting others. They did well to raise a large amount of money for the hospice and hope this will continue for years to come.“

The fundraising target of £500 has been smashed, with over £1000 raised for the Overgate Hospital so far, and plans to embark on more fundraising events in the future.

Byron Smith said: “These events not only raise money for worthwhile charities but give us a chance to come together as a team with the young people we care for. It’s so inspiring to hear how proud our young people are of themselves; raising money, meeting new people and that they’d like to do more. We’ll do everything we can to support them.”