Restorative will continue to be a Living Wage Employer

Restorative SCS will, once again, following assessment by the Living Wage Foundation, be a Living Wage Employer for another year running.

You can find us on the Living Wage database here.

The ‘real’ Living Wage

The Living Wage, sometimes called the ‘real’ Living Wage, is the only hourly rate of pay calculated to cover what people need, based on current costs of living, and assessed annually by the Living Wage Foundation.

The calculation takes into account the cost of living in the UK (and in London as a separate rate) and provides a benchmark for employers who voluntarily choose to enter the scheme, to pay their staff an hourly rate, or higher, that meets everyday costs and needs.

We’ll pay above the Living Wage rate

Restorative actually pays an hourly rate above that of the 2024 rate set by the Living Wage foundation and plans to continue to do so from 1st April 2024.

We believe in a fair day’s pay 

We’ve always believed people should receive a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. Our status as a Living Wage employer reflects our commitment to this, which is why, from the 1st of April, all qualified members of staff received an increase in their hourly rate that is not only in line with the Living Wage hourly rate, but slightly above it.

Apprentices and trainees will qualify for the increase in hourly rate when they complete their Level 3/4 qualification. All unqualified full time staff are enrolled on the Level 3/4 qualification following completion of their induction.