Round of applause for Muhammed

Muhammed, one of our resident UASC young people at Grove House, has received resounding applause for his confident performance in Because at Bradford College and a trip to London to perform at Shakespeare’s historic Globe Theatre.

Muhammed was one of a group of ESOL (English as a Second of Foreign Language) students in the Shakespeare Club at Bradford College to perform in Because, as part of their Moving Stories project, and welcome the award-winning playwright, David Edgar, who attended the performance.

David Edgar, a playwright who has had more than 60 published plays performed around the world and is one of the most prolific post 1960s dramatists of Great Britain, said of the performance, “it was so moving. It will really stay with me”.

Muhammed then travelled to London to present Because as part of events to mark Refugee Week, alongside other sketches, short plays and songs highlighting the experiences of refugees.

Tahira Hussain, a support worker at Grove House, said of Muhammed’s achievement, that it shows “hard work and great confidence performing in front of so many people”.