Second year in a row Overgate Midnight Walk!

For the second year in a row, Restorative young people and staff have, once again, completed a successful midnight walk in aid of the Overgate Hospice. The event was a great success, attended by 20 staff and young people who braved the seven or 13-mile walk through the dark Halifax streets.

Fast-becoming a Restorative tradition, last year the team embarked on their first Overgate Midnight Walk, a real achievement and challenge for some of the walkers, who were as young as ten years old.

“We are very proud of everyone who took part in our second year and those who helped to fundraise behind the scenes,” said Sarah Fawcett, Office Manager at Restorative.

So far the midnight walkers have raised a total of £145 for the Overgate Hospice and the fundraising link is still open for those who have not yet had chance to donate and would like to.