Sharing traditions at Bridge House

On the 25th of March, two members of our team at Bridge House, Faiza and Nataria, organised a wonderful event to provide insight into how they observe Ramadan. They prepared a delicious feast of homemade Asian cuisine for everyone to enjoy as part of Iftar, the meal that breaks the fast.

During the event, Faiza and Nataria took the opportunity to share with their colleagues and residents the significance of Ramadan in their lives and within their community. Everyone was eager to learn about the meaning behind this period of fasting and embraced the experience by gathering together on a special mat, a tradition that symbolises unity and togetherness during such occasions.

Faiza explained that Ramadan entails “keeping the fast from sunrise to sunset,” which involves abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours. Additionally, Ramadan is a month of worship, service, communal gathering, and spiritual growth. It is believed by Muslims that this is the month when the first verses of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide dedicate themselves to Ibadah, which encompasses acts of worship and devotion aimed at seeking closeness to Allah (God) and earning spiritual rewards. It is considered an integral part of a Muslim’s life, allowing them to connect with the divine, nurture their spiritual development, and fulfill their religious obligations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Faiza and Nataria for organising such a meaningful event and for sharing their traditions with us.