Young people enjoy fun, music and dancing at Yorkshire Integration Festival

Young people from Birk and Grove Houses had a happy, vibrant and musical day celebrating diversity and inclusion at the Yorkshire Integration Festival at Sheffield Peace Gardens.

There were lots of smiles, tunes and fun as the young people from Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan had a great time singing along to songs from their own countries by the World Choir and dancing to a Bradford Punjabi band.

Part of Migration Yorkshire, the festival brought together people of many different cultures and young people got the opportunity to chat to lots of people from their own homelands, creating a sense of inclusion for all.

The group decided to welcome a new young person, who had only been with Restorative for two weeks and is from Turkey, by eating a meal at the Istanbul Restaurant in Sheffield, which everyone greatly enjoyed.

“It was a day full of smiles and happiness,” said Lisa Mullally, Supported Accommodation Zonal Manager at Grove House. “And we finished it off with cake and hot chocolate as the rain came down, which was lovely.”

Young people said, “Today I feel very happy, this is the best day”. And, “My life is amazing, thank you for looking after me and keeping me safe”.

“Everyone had a great time and especially loved the DJ,” said Lisa.