Restorative young people all set to be involved in recruitment and selection

If you apply for a role at Restorative SCS, the likelihood is that some of the young people themselves will now be on your interview panel.

We think it’s important that the young people we care for, and support, are directly involved in the decisions made about their care, including, who we recruit and select.  So, back in May this year, we offered Restorative young people the chance to attend our recruitment and selection training, so they could learn, and feel confident, about being involved in the selection of the new people we recruit for the very support teams who will work with them.

We are now delighted to report the young people who chose to take up this training have been working extremely hard over the last few months to discuss and agree the process for exploring candidate attributes during interviews.

YP recruitment program

Our Young Person Recruitment Bank is now all set up, with young people ready to take part in various recruitment tasks, including writing interview questions, being on the interview and shortlisting applicants.

A big well done to everyone involved. We know this will have a positive impact on our recruitment and selection processes to make them even more young people-centred, and very much look forward to seeing the outcome.